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Located in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA, AMETEK PITTMAN Inc. is an American motor manufacturer with over 70 years experiences in designing and manufacturing DC, DC brushless motors. Its superior quality and high performance motors, with its unmatchable reputation for customization, flexible delivery, especially by using VMI .and JIT plan have made Pittman become a well known name both in the US and in Europe.
Pittman motors are widely used in spray & spreading equipments, printing industry; medical instruments & equipment; computer storage; high precision instruments; in-dustrial control systems; office automation; robotics; ATMs, etc. The LO-COG brush series, ELCOM brushless series motors with the reducers are the best match for those who look for high stability of performance, low noise, prompt reaction, long life and high torque.
In order to facilitate a quick entrance into the hybrid step motor market, with anticipation of immediate penetration into North America and the establishment of a European base for an expanded sales of Pittman in Europe, Pittman successfully acquired MAE of Italy in 2003.
Along with rapid economical & industrial growth in Asia, primarily in China, with the goal of further improving and expanding sales of Pittman & MAE in Asian markets, in October, 2005, Sherry  International, Inc.--- a reliable 

Established in Beijing in 1994, Sherry International, Inc. was primarily committed to the export of mechanical & electrical components and moved its headquarters to New Jersey, USA, in 1999.  Since then, the company has been focusing on supplying high quality products and progressively becoming a provider of value-added services in engineering designing, consulting, customization and outsourcing, etc., which have distinguished us from all our competitors.

In 2005, the company opened its Sales Center in Shanghai and was authorized to be a representative of Ametek TIP for its brush & brushless motors, step motors and blowers with their recognized names such as Pittman, MAE, MCG and Windjammer, just to name a few. Through the provision of a direct procurement from Europe and the U.S. and with our professional services, we are able to quote at the most competitive prices. Up to now, more than 30 brands of renowned industrial control & motion products from Europe and the U.S. have been added to our products line. These include PLC, linear actuators, AC servo, encoders, couplings, gears and drivers etc. Most importantly, we can provide and bring to the customers a complete solution per their specific requirements.

Owing to the companys rapid expansion and in order to meet the customers ultimate satisfaction, we have opened new sales offices in Beijing and Changzhou and created our own import & export organization to provide on site services in broader areas of China.

Our goal is to become the finest integrator of industrial control & motion systems.
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